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If you started with UFUN and Utoken on 2014 with just a 1-Star account of Utoken units of 4,000, by today you would have earned 4,000 X 3 X 2 X 10 which equals to2,40,000 Utokens and at current price of 0.172 USD/Utoken, your Utoken value equals US$41,280.

That’s only from a one time investment of $500.

Now also it is not too late ! If you are still sitting on the fence wondering what is all this happening, then jump in and secure your future for coming years ! We are all going to rock this year and coming years with UFUN & Utokens. Please check out here to know more about Utokens and you can contact me on for more information !

UFUN compensation Plan :

compensation plan



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