Finding Those “Perfect Friends”: A Guide to the Impossible

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Okay, yaar, let’s talk about these “right people“. You know those ones who always show up at the perfect time, give you brilliant ideas, push you to be better, and make you feel like a superstar? Yeah, try finding those in a rickshaw during rush hour. It’s easier!

Here’s the truth, dost:

  • “Showing up when you need them”: More like showing up when their phone’s not busy with Reels & Shorts.
  • “Inspire you with ideas”: Their ideas mostly involve which restaurant has the best biryani deal.
  • “Motivate you”: If watching Netflix marathons is motivation, then yeah, they’re experts.
  • “Challenge you to grow”: If you mean challenge you to finish that extra samosa, they totally will.
  • “Help you feel safe”: Safe from what, exactly? Sambar stains? They’ll probably make fun of you for that.
  • “Give you space”: Ha! Like you can escape those WhatsApp forwards.
  • “Bring out the best version of you”: Best version or most stressed-out version? Sometimes you can’t tell the difference.

See, instead of these unicorn friends, we usually get:

  • The friend who always cancels at the last minute.
  • The one who gives relationship advice even though they’ve never been on a date.
  • And that auntie who judges your clothes, your job, even the way you breathe!

But hey, these are the people who make us laugh, right? Who are there even when we order too much paneer and spill it all over ourselves? These are the real treasures, my friend. The ones who are as crazy as us and love us anyway.

So hold on tight to the good ones, and the not-so-perfect ones too! After all, life’s too short to look for unicorns when you’ve got a whole zoo of amazing people around you already.



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Nishanth Muraleedharan, also known as "Nishani," is an IT engineer who transitioned into entrepreneurship, driven by a profound passion for the textile industry. As the president of Save Handloom Foundation, ( and the Founder & CEO of DMZ International Imports & Exports Pvt Ltd., I am passionate about reviving the Indian handloom industry and empowering the weavers and artisans across the country. With 25+ years of experience in the textile industry, I have developed deep market insights and a rich network of handloom weaving societies, master weavers, and self-help groups, who exclusively make products for our trust.