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If you understand an idea: “DO NOT WORK FOR MONEY, BUT LET MONEY WORKS FOR YOU”, you are on the right place. Poor people keep money in the bank and are scared to invest money, but rich and successful people always look for opportunities and invest own money to many sources. Have you ever heard about digital currency like Bitcoin? Even if YES or NO, I am not going to explain you BitCoin in details, but something more powerful and stronger. Friend of mine has explained me recently FUTURE of Digital Currency called UToken and I have become very interested. Even if I did not understand, I have invested USD1,000. I was 100% confident and sure what I have done. I see huge opportunity to have extra ordinary income, because the future of digital currency is UToken. On this post I would like to share with you what is Utoken about. When you grasp this opportunity, you will not regret in the future, because Digital Currency UToken WILL MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU!

 Where is UToken coming from?

UToken is a product of UFun Club ( which is part of UFun Group companies. About UFun Group you can watch video “What is UFun Group” below.

 UFun Group owns:

 UFun is already in many Asian countries (with physical offices)

What is UToken?

UTokens is a growing digital currency that has a gold reserved to assure the value of the UTokens. With UToken you can do:

  • Trading globally at

  • Transfer directly from person to person.

  • Medium of barter of exchange

  • Investment growth opportunity

  • Presenting as a gift

  • Charity as a donation purpose

 What is the most important It is safe, because UTokens has 22% gold reserved system with 3 major banks. UTokens is Guaranteed Growing towards US$10. After which, it will be listed on stock market for higher potential growth!

Bitcoin is a pioneering payment system which was introduced as open-source software in 2009 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto. As you can see, it only started going up in 2013, but it started in 2009. Why did it take so long for it to go up?

  1. Bitcoin is not regulated, they do not have any monetary reserves.

  2. Bitcoin is easily stolen, and they are not insured by any institution.

  3. Bitcoin does not have any supporting affiliated internal websites or supporting web services that support use of it. It is just marketed as is.

  4. Bitcoin Valuation Fluctuates.

  5. No Buyer Protection.

  6. No Valuation Guarantee.

Because of all these “positive gaps” UToken was born!

In just the first year, UToken started with a value of .1 on 1-14-2013 and rose all the way. Ever since UToken Reserve was established, there was never a shortage of UTokens and a need for splits, and possibility of oversupply of UTokens is prevented as well. It is well regulated, and the rise of the UToken is now steady with nothing breaking its path of incline this time.

Advantages of UToken:

  1. UToken is available online to offline (O2O – Online to Offline).

  2. UToken is available through Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and the accounts are protected by several passwords in several levels.

  3. UToken is regulated. UFun makes sure that the supply is never more than the demand.

  4. UTokens are backed up with 22% monetary reserve which makes sure UTokens don’t get flooded and overtraded and creating the possibility of having more sellers than buyers. This is how the value of UToken keeps going up.

UToken Price adjusted to USD 0.10 per unit!

 In order to build a solid base for UToken to spread widely and rapidly to all around the world, the Company has decided from 28th October 2014, the price of UToken will be adjusted to USD 0.10 per unit! Under the principle that UToken value remains unchanged, the quantity of UToken in Users’ hand will be automatically enlarge accordingly!

 Differerence Between Utoken & Bitcoin


If you are interested in knowing more about UToken and would like to join this life changing opportunity, contact me and I will reply Soon !



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