Key Distinctions between Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

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Entrepreneur Mindset:

1) I am responsible for everything that happens in my life.

2) I choose freedom over working for money.

3) I focus on solutions, not problems.

4) I dont’t need to know everything to get started, but I need to get started to be great.

5) Failures and mistakes are learning stones to my success.

6) I believe in win-win situation for all.

7) I believe in what I am doing for my business because it contributes to a better world.

8) I choose to be around friends who are like minded and push me to greater heights. I avoid and spend less time with negative people.

9) I believe in cutting short my learning curve by learning from the very best in my chosen entrepreneurial field, and seek actively to find suitable mentors.

10) I believe in self development, and continuous learning via seminars/workshops.

11) I believe in abundance mentality,

12) I believe in my dream and pursue it even though it’s against the norm of society.

13) I have a humble mentality, to always respect others and to remember my roots.

14) I believe in ‘sky is the limit’ when it comes to my income. I choose to work for myself. I believe in passive income greatly.

15) I am responsible for my own success. If it’s to be, it’s up to me! I make things happen. I make my own luck.

Employee Mindset:

1) When things go wrong, or the economy goes down, I usually ask ‘why is this always happening to me?’ or I blame the economy, the government,etc.

2) Security is most important for me over freedom.

3) I tend to blame, criticize, and complain when I am faced with problems.

4) I need to know everything first before getting started.

5) I fear failures.

6) I believe if I were to succeed in something, I would have to take advantage of others.

7) I have the ‘Me-mentality’. What’s In It for Me? Instead of ‘how can I help others?’

8) I am not aware of who I spend time with. I am cool going out with friends who are negative thinking.

9) I don’t really need mentors or coaches in my life.

10) When presented with opportunity to attend educational seminars/workshops to develop oneself, I usually ask ‘how much is the price first?’ or ‘so expensive! not worth it!’ or even worse ‘ WHY WASTE MONEY GOING FOR SEMINARS?’

11) I have scarcity mentality. I think there is not enough going around.

12) I am self conscious of what others think of me.

13) I tend to be egoistic when thinking of upgrading myself by attending seminars/workshops or learning from someone successful who is younger than me.

Or perhaps I feel I am wise enough anyway due to my age. I have the ‘I AM ALWAYS RIGHT’ mentality,

14) I value my paycheck greatly. Working for others is ok for me as long as I have a paycheck. I don’t really focus on passive income.

15) I have the ‘HOPE’ strategy- I believe that ‘if only the right Break comes along in my life, I would be wealthy and happy’.

So, that’s the Key Distinctions between an Entrepreneur vs an employee mindset.


Which one do you think is a better mindset to have? I leave for you to decide!



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