My Email Mentor Review – Do Nothing and Earn Money?

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Founder: Bobby B.

Program: My Email Mentor

Program Cost: $47.00 Monthly

Sign Up Here: Earn Free $100.00

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My Email Mentor – Sign up and Get $100 Dollars Free!


The Easy Program starts with Bobby B. the founder of My Email Mentor, needing some help in email distribution and him wanting to partner with us. After signing up he tells us congrats on becoming a professional email marketer and once we get signed up, he gives us $100 dollars. FREE. We will only be doing one thing, once per week, getting a file of email addresses from him and then saving to our computer, then moving them out for him, through StableMailer.

Why Does Bobby Need Our Help?

We are all limited by regulations as to how many email addresses we can have running through an Autoresponder. My Email Mentor has figured out a system so they can beat the limit sheet by having us as partners. Thus the emails run through many accounts and not just one. So there seems to be no limit now! That being said, Aweber and a few others I’ve heard, turned him down, as he did try to get them to let him use their platforms for this.

If some how the program is legit, it could be working for a very long time! However, if he has violated any regulations here, the program will be a distant memory very soon, and be talked about as the scam of the decade! As he stands to make millions here with everyone potentially signing up for his free $100.00

What are Clones in My Email Mentor, (MEM)

We are actually the Clones. We are duplicating the work Bobby B would be doing if he were allowed to do it all himself. So instead, he pays us. So you can imagine how many millions of emails are helping move through his channels! Each of us gets 500 plus email addresses per week, so imagine him having access to millions of email addresses sent out weekly with his sales pitch.

We may be his Clone, but it’s our job to get clones as well. Get as many others, (Clones) or members sign ups as you can! You earn way more money can can cash out sooner. Do what I do, market to clones and have them do the work for you! Like Bobby B does!

My Email Mentor Pays Us by Clicks

We get paid 20 cents per click for ourselves, and an added $10 dollars per month for clones. So these clicks are what people normally have to pay for anyway when running paid advertisements. Many online marketers are paying anywhere from this much on up to $10 dollars per click. Meaning this is how much the business person is paying to advertise in most places throughout the internet. Called Solo Advertising.

I myself use Bing ads and pay up to $1 dollar per click when someone clicks on one of my own ads. Many business pay much more to get their ads clicked on using professional services, like Solo Ads and any Email List providers.

The Success of My Email Mentor

Comes down to Bobby making so much money by getting these advertisements out to these emails he can easily pay us .20 cents per click, and $10 per clone. He increases his opportunity to earn massive amounts of money by sheer volumn, and this small amount here that he pays us is hardly a noticable cost for him to spend. He actually could pay us way more.

Many members wonder how he is able to afford to pay all of us. Well, it is just 20 cents per click. But remember, he only pays the 20 cents if someone clicks. He does not pay us for those that do not. So a list of 600 emails sent out may only give us 20 clicks. So, if he is selling something that is worth $97 dollars, or perhaps more, how nuch can he pay us for generating these big money sales? Probably up to a dollar a click! But that is not how he is making money.

Is My Email Mentor a Scam?

My Email Mentor has proven to be legit. Payments have gone out to 53 members who made their first months minimum of $400 Plus!

Do Nothing and Earn Money?

If you are all excited about making money for doing nothing then this may be a program for you. Yet, to really earn $400 dollars you are going to need to sign up. At first you will just watch the money trickle in. Later when you desire to make more, you can start building a clone list. The more clones you have the more often you can cash out and the more money you make

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