Revenue Sharing Programs : Is it a Scam?

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So you’ve probably seen some screenshot on one of your friend’s Facebook post about how much they’ve earned, and now you want to know if Revenue share programs like My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon is a scam or something you can make money with huh?

I have done my share of revenue sharing networks, so I thought I’d do a review on Revenue share programs to not only give you a better understanding of how it works, but to also share with you my experience in these revenue sharing advertising programs.

If you want to know more about Revenue share programs and whether or not you should join, you might want to sit through this whole review, so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

What is Revenue Share programs?

Most of you don’t even know what revenue share program is, but one thing you do know is that you can make money by purchasing these so called “ad packs”.

It is an “advertising” platform, which allows you to share in the profits that it brings in from everyone purchasing advertising packs.

The actual way they put it, is that it is a revenue sharing program that gives you advertising packages as a bonus for joining the company. There, that’s better.

How it Works

I’m not too sure if you’ve ever come across businesses like My Advertising Pays, Traffic Monsson or any of these ad revenue sharing programs, but they are all the same.

Supposedly, you are purchasing advertisement packs as well as getting in position to earn from the revenue that the company brings in.

Although this place is more for investing into the program so you can get a piece of the pie rather than trying to advertise your business, sometimes people do find interest on your ads even if that’s not what they’re there for.

I’m guilty of it and I have checked into other programs myself. I mean come on, who wouldn’t be interested in an ad that said “make $200 a day with this program”?

Can You Really Make Money?

This is the main question anyone would most likely be interested in if not the only question. So can you really make money with revenue share programs? The answer is yes, but…

There Must be a Catch

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a catch, but it is how these programs work. In order to make money with this program or any of these rev sharing networks, you would need a lot of people to keep it running.

I know you’ve seen the screenshots that made you stop what you’re doing, which is exactly what it is meant to do.

Once you become a member, you would want others to join so that the program can keep cycling and everyone can keep getting paid.

What it’s Going to Cost You

If you want to invest in MAP or Traffic Monsoon, it is going to cost you $50 per ad pack. This will get you 5000 +  ad impressions.

The program allows you to buy up to 100 or 1000 or more ad packs, which will cost you $50 per pack. Believe it or not, people do spend this type of money on programs like this and not all get back what they put in. But as of now those who are part of MAP and Traffic Monsoon are all getting paid properly.

Risky Business

Remember that you are taking a risk here and there is no guarantee. I do appreciate the honesty of the company by clearly stating that you are taking a big risk and not to spend your grocery money and yada yada yada.

Along with that, some don’t accept Paypal, which is actually a red flag when it comes to doing business online. They do accept VX and Solid Trust Pay as their payment processors, but Paypal is a good indicator of anything legit. Traffic Monsoon accepts Paypal also which is a good sign as long as it is available.

The Pros & Cons

Just like any business, there’s always going to be the good and bad that come with it, no matter what you do. Here are some of the things I liked and didn’t like with this program and why you should join Daily Earnings or not.


  • Can make you money
  • Very honest administration


  • Very, very risky
  • No guarantees
  • No actual product
  • Not a real business
  • Some Doesn’t accept Paypal
  • You will need to invest a lot to make any money ($50 is not going to cut it)

Is Revenue Share Programs is a Scam?

To me, it is not a scam. The program itself is nothing new to the make money from home industry and there are many other ones out there, that are ran the same exact way.

If anything, the members of these revenue share programs are most likely the same ones in other programs, but they just jump around, get in early, and on to the next

The only way this thing can be a scam, is if the owners decide to get greedy and that’s when you have a problem.

Like I said, this is some very (and I mean very) risky business you are getting yourself into, so if you don’t have the money to be playing around with, you might want to leave this one alone.

What I Think

I have done some revenue sharing on my end, just because of all the hype that comes with them. One thing that’s for certain, is that the early bird gets the worm.

If you don’t get in early enough with these programs, you might want to pump your brakes. Another thing you really need to know, is that if you plan on investing $50 with this, you’re better off buying yourself a pair of jeans, because that is going to make you pennies.

You will not make any money if you are not going to invest a decent amount, so don’t waste your time trying to spend $50, thinking you’re gonna be rich, because you will end up losing your money.

If you are looking for a legit and sustainable way to make money online, you need to use programs like Traffic-Reseller Business. There isn’t a safer way to make money online, than what they have to offer.

Well that’s enough from me. I hope you’ve found this review of Revenue Share Programs to be more than helpful to you and hopefully you can make a better decision at this point. To whatever it is that you decide to do next, I wish you the best!

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