Sorry for not keeping in touch to all my friends for a long time now…

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HEY FACEBOOK FRIENDS & REAL LIFE FRIENDS, recently lot of my friends messages and calls I am receiving that what you are up to and no contacts or news from you for long time, I thought I would address everyone at once here…

A lot of people are asking why I have been so absentminded from contacting them on phone or keeping in touch with them offline and what I am up to which keep me busy these days. As many of you know who follow me on my blogs and fb, I enjoy posting updates and sharing my business developments with you, even the occasional lifestyle photos daily that happen along the way.But recently am unable to keep in touch with my dear and near one’s offline and I exited from all of my whatsApp groups too even though I only started many of those groups.

For the last year, I have been working on a new a Social Networking website for Entrepreneurs that has required a large amount of my time and resources. Part of this time was spent building new relationships, exiting businesses I owned, and negotiating possible partnerships. We have got many investors interested in pouring money in our new project which am working on and discussions are going on.

Real huge project it is , website development + app development + marketing expenses comes to around 1,00,000+ USD and as of now am taking one step at a time and planning to launch soon the website first and then go for app development. As part of this new project, the social networking for entrepreneurs, daily am having busy schedules meeting Successful Entrepreneurs and interviewing them and attending Angel Investment meets to get in touch with potential investors to invite them to be part of our new project. So am really finding difficult to keep in touch with my friends and family now. It is not intentional but Business requires much attention now as it is in startup stage.

I am NOT currently partnered with any public or private company.I am working independently with a team assembled specifically for this project, not associated or connected to any outside network or organization as I want to invest myself in this project and looking for funding at a later stage when website is launched. At that time we will be registering a Pvt Ltd company and acquiring investors to take shares and provide funding for further marketing.

Over the next several months, I will be releasing information, and the opportunities that will be created when we go to market with even free members can make a living out of it without investing a penny in the business. I am excited to let you all see inside what it takes to start a company of this complexity from scratch, take a seemingly impossible idea and engineer it from the ground up, raise capital, create partnerships, build a distribution platform, and innovate technologies that don’t currently exist.

Together, with a team of professionals dedicated to bringing this vision to life for making life easy for entrepreneurs to do business, we are about to embark on a journey that will forever change how we discover, interact and engage with the world around us and do businesses.

I’m looking forward to sharing more frequent, fun content with you as things develop.Next week will be flying to Goa for a much awaited vacation for a week and looking forward to it now ! So I hope you all understand that why am not able to answer to all my phone calls , pm’s and emails. Soon I will be back to normal life once the website is launched and will meet you all in real ! Till then am going to hustle hard ! See you soon face2face !



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