7 Wealth Conditioning Processes

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Every day do a different exercise that will RECONDITION you for success.

You will be rotating the following weath conditioning processes, one per day.

It is best to write out each of the exercise in a notebook, or do them orally, JUST DO THEM.

1.) Clarity of Intention:

The #1 reason most people don’t get what they want is they don’t know what they want. Clarity leads to power. It is imperative that you know your financial objective; how much money or income you are going for.

By doing so, you will engage your mind’s “reticular activator” (this is like a heat-seeking missle) which will then attract and alert you to marketing opportunities to FOCUS on which are in alignment with your intention.

i.e. “I have a residual income of over $10,000 per month.”

Also describe how you will feel when this intention becomes your reality. Engage your emotions, visualize and deeply feel the emotion and gratitude for HAVING IT NOW!

2. Purpose for Money:

Another important principle of manifestation is knowing “WHY” you want something. The reason most people don’t have a lot of money is they don’t have a massively important reason to have it. Be specific.

“The reasons I want a lot more money are…”

i.e. So I am a full time mommy and/or daddy

i.e. So I’m financially free, never “have ” to work again. So I can do what I want with who I want when I want.

i.e. So I can be “FREE” and take family vacations and give back to others as much as I want.

3. Visualization:

It’s been said the subconscious mind cannot distinguish the difference between imagination and reality. Therefore, the objective is to create the “reality” of what we want in our mind and allow our “reticular activator” to manifest it into our lives.

It’s important to add each of the senses into your “picture.” If nothing is there to smell, create something. Create something you can touch, see and feel.

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4. Belief in Value:

Many people don’t feel they deserve success because they don’t fully believe in the product or service they are offering, or they don’t feel it is of high value. If this is the case for you, either change products, services or jobs, or change your perspective.

Personally, I have seen the real disconnect is that YOU must BELIEVE in YOURSELF first and tame the inner voice. Then dig into your products DAILY. Go through them! Own them all! I know when I have team members do this and are obsessed with what they have there hands on; they are simply BLOWN away and on FIRE because they are a product of the product!

In order to receive you must feel like you are giving. Therefore specifiy and express the benefits your value adds to people. You get paid in direct proportion to the value you put out to the marketplace, collecting leads and over delivering the value that you offer!

i.e. “I help people transform their lives, income and souls by having a proven step by step plan to achieve a six figure income per year with a blogging platform.”

i.e. ” I help people be more confident, more successful, more conscious and more joyous in their lives.”

i.e. “I help people promote any business they have, brand themselves and turn their passion into profits.”

5. References for Ability or Deserved-nes:

The object is to declare the reason why you truly believe you can be, and deserve to be, rich.

“The reasons I can be, and deserve to be, wealthy are…”

i.e. “I add value to people’s lives.”

i.e. “I am persistent.”

i.e. “I am creative.”

6. Act in Spite of…

Nothing exceeds the power of the unconditional action to move you quickly towards your financial goals.

The wealth conditioning starts acting in spite of fear, discomfort, uncertainty, not enough time, or I’m not in the mood. This not only builds courage, but more importantly momentum.

Each time you act in spite of your feelings, such as fear, worry, doubt, not being in the mood you reinforce the habit. Just as a muscle grows stronger in use, so will your ability to confront bigger and bigger challenges in your life on the road to your wealth and financial freedom.

Do something you wouldn’t normally do.

i.e. Pick up the phone and call someone you wouldn’t naturally call right now.

i.e. Post a video on YouTube if you have never created video before, then repeat it again tomorrow.

i.e. Do you very first blog post and share it with the world.

i.e. Start your business and take immediate action to move your business forward.

7. Appreciation and Gratitude:

The object is for your subconscious mind to understand that you are already “wealthy.” Since like attracts like, more success will come your way. Gratitude is the most powerful attraction method there is. A happy, creative, grateful and humble mind will magnetically attract more.

In the morning and the evening write down 5-10 things you are grateful for that day. Focus on the “feeling” and be a deep sense of gratitude for what you have right now.

Describe how you “feel” adds emotion, which strengthens the conditioning process.

To Your Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth,


Courtesy : T. Harv Ekar



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