This is the best advice I can give you for success

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Not a day goes by without at least a few people

asking me something like this…

“Hey Nishanth,
I know you’ve been very successful with
your online businesses, but what would be your
best business advice for a new person starting out?”

After years in this profession,
I’ve come up with three things:

A.  Find or start a business with a massive, starving
market who want what you’ve got.

B.  Discover all you can about marketing and
personal development.  This will help you make
better decisions and take better action.

C.   Find someone who’s successful and model
what they do.  There’s no point in you figuring it
all out on your own.  The greatest shortcut to success
is to get around someone who’s living the way you
want to live and model what they’re doing.

I’ll tell you straight:

The people I know who have committed to those three
things are successful.

100% of time.
No exceptions.

And they’re living the “dream lifestyle” so many people want.

One of those guys is a fellow who hosted
a webinar for me recently.

This is the first guy I ever knew who was making
over $150,000 per month.  He’s awesome.

If you haven’t seen the “John & Tony show”, and you’d
like to find the fastest way to apply my “best advice” and
turn it into money…

Adjust your speakers and Click Here to watch

I think you’ll quickly see how we brought
in over $9 million in commissions in less
than 90 days.

And we’re just getting started. 🙂

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



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I’m Nishanth Muraleedharan aka "Nishani" and I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission: • To help people to have financial freedom & more free time by doing Internet based Businesses. I've been involved with Internet based businesses for over 18+ years now. Some of my inspiration comes from Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg, Sergey and Larry Craig