An opportunity to end your “DEFAULT LIFE”


IF, you live “the default life“, here’s an example of what it might look like:
One year from now: you’re still stuck in your dead-end job, hoping for a 4% raise instead of the typical 2% so you can at least afford to keep up with your rising cost of living. You’re merely getting by, living paycheck to paycheck, constrained by your financial limitations.
5 years from now: you’ve been with your current company for five years- the level of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled creativity is mounting, but your loved ones and everyone around you re-assure you that “you’re lucky to have a job, things could be worse”. You put your head down and keep your nose to the grindstone- after all, you have a family to support and your responsibilities are mounting.
10 years from now: it’s almost un-imaginable that you’d still be “stuck” in the same rut you found yourself in 5 years prior. Perhaps you’ve had a raise or two and maybe been promoted to a managerial position for your hard work and dedication to the company- but, they also expect more from you and you’re now working 12-16 hour days instead of the typical 9-5 you were used to. Your income has risen but your lifestyle has declined. It’s almost like you’re trapped by your own success.
With kids (maybe grand-kids) and a more expensive lifestyle you now require managerial level income just to stay afloat. It’s starting to feel like your spinning inside of a rat wheel and you can’t get ahead. The feeling of “the rat race” is becoming very real.
30-50 years from now: you’re approaching the end of your career. After 30+ years of hard work and dedication to your company, you’re rewarded with a small pension that is a fraction of the salary you’ve become accustomed to and if you were in a private job, that facility also you will not get.
You’ll be forced to downsize your home, degrade your standard of living and more than likely take up a part-time position doing un-skilled labor. You’re not qualified enough to be competitive in the job market with a continual flood of bright young graduates entering the market everyday. The worst part is, you’ve lost your sense of identity. You’ve spent the prime years of your life working for someone else with very little time to explore your passions, your hobbies and your higher calling. Your family hardly knows you because you practically worked sunrise to sunset and you’re heart is filled with regret. You played it safe. You followed the path you THOUGHT would lead you to happiness. You feel misled, burnt out, and resentful. You have officially lived, “THE DEFAULT LIFE“.
The end.
The point of sharing this illustration with you all is NOT to depress you. But instead, to INSPIRE YOU.
If you’re ready to make a stand and COMMIT to creating an EXTRAORDINARY life rather than playing victim to the confines of “the default life“, we’re here to help you as much we can.
Online Internet Business is the best opportunity to escape from this “DEFAULT LIFE” !
Advantage of an Online Business…
  • Affordable start up costs, You can get started with just a few hundred bucks.
  • Flexible. Because your work is done on your computer and from home, you get to choose when you work.
  • Possibility of more free time — eventually. Some online businesses can be automated to a certain extent like MAPS which we are promoting. Automation will help to reduce your workload and eventually give you more free time.
  • Testing and research are relatively cheap. Need to find out what your potential audience thinks of a product idea? Chances are, there’s a message board or a hunderd where your potential audience gathers. Need to research your competition? Use the search engines. There’s so much you can do online for little or no money.
  • Exciting ! If you thrive on change, the Internet is one of the best places to get it! You can experiment and test to your heart’s content for minimal cost.
  • Ever-growing. Every day more people get “connected” to the net. That means there your potential audience is always growing.
  • Multiple streams of Income. You have the ability to sell lots of different products online– including other company’s products, in return for a commission — which means that you can potentially earn several “pay cheques” ! A bunch of “smaller” cheques may not seem like much on their own, but add them all up and they can become a solid stream of income.
  • Opportunity is everywhere! The Internet reaches a worldwide audience with a wide variety of interests. There are countless niches on which you can focus your energies !

Starting a business online is in many ways the same as starting a business in the “real world”. It requires hard work, long hours, and yes, even some sacrifices. How long it takes you to turn a profit will depend on many different factors. Some people turn a profit within just a few months; other take years. There are lots of “little guy’s — small, home based businesses — who are happily and successfully earning a living from the Internet.

Can you do it?

There are no short-cuts or tricks. You can’t just slap any old rubbish on the Internet, and expect to make a quick buck. It doesn’t work that way.

But the reality is that most people want money immediately, and can’t motivate themselves to get past a month of trying online. Some give up after a week, or never even start. Others just don’t have what it takes to make a great start.

Every year more than 10 million people try to make money online and out of this 20% people make few cents online or less than $100 every month. Only the 3% out of this make all the money. 97% people who are trying to make a fortune online are a failure. If you have a right mentor to guide and show you the right programs, you can be a part of this successful 3% .

Interested to be part of this successful 3% ?