How I smashed $3500+ with MAPs in the first 3 months without any sales or recruitment!

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I smashed $3,500+ in My Advertising Pays the last 3 months, and I am currently having 100+ credit packs with a monthly withdrawal of $750 every month after keeping my packs at Elite level of 100 too.

You can also do it, without any sales or recruitment ever to earn money 100% guaranteed !

We good? So, let me break it down for you…

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Company Overview

My Advertising Pays is an advertising company that allows people to purchase advertising packs, or credit packs (traffic) for your business.

From my own experience and from the experience of others, the CTR (click-thru-rates) of this traffic is between 7%-20% percent.

The traffic isn’t garbage, either – I actually sold two reseller websites of my traffic business in my first 3 days of using the traffic. This earned me $700 in commissions, which made the advertising profitable in the first week.

You also earn money with the daily company profit shares, which refresh 72 times every day. However, to qualify for the daily profit share, you must click on 10 ads each day.

Each credit pack purchase will earn you approximately 1.0%-1.5% each day. Because of this, many people choose to repurchase their profit share earnings into more credit packs so they can leverage the power of compound interest.

Each credit pack is $49.99, and expire approximately every 60-100 days, or whenever they appreciate to $60. You also earn 10% overrides on all of the credit pack purchases of everyone you personally refer.

Kinda confusing at first, but it will quickly make sense…

…as an example, one pack purchased will earn you approximately $.50 per day for 60 days.

If you purchase 20 packs, that will appreciate anywhere from $10-$15 per day. So, purchasing 20 credit packs ($1,000) you are able to repurchase a new credit pack every 4-5 days or so, because you’d have earned $60, and credit packs are $49.99.

This can compound very fast and keeps the business fun (and I must say I bit addicting).

At the time of writing this, you are allowed a maximum of 1200 credit packs. This is actually a good thing, because you will be forced to withdraw your money at that point. You will just have to repurchase accordingly after your existing credit packs expire to keep your active credit packs at 1200.

Keep in mind, you can withdraw your money any time you want. If something comes up and you need to cash out…go for it. No penalties.

At my current credit pack count (I have 100+ September 2014 Update) I can repurchase one credit pack every day because my daily earnings are easily north of $50 per day.

Main advantage of MAP is that you don’t have to promote it to make money.

Yes, you can literally keep it this simple:

1) buy credit packs
2) click on 10 ads every day
3) get paid

And, as you do this, you are constantly making money, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Cause, truthfully, money never sleeps, even if our parents and school teachers told us otherwise:

So, hear me out for a second…

…it’s free to join
…99% of people are NOT quitting…
…and its dead simple.

What is holding you behind?

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My teammates are already making bookoo-bucks.

Special Offer for people who signup under me and who starts with 20 packs will get a $349 fully digital marketing website for FREE, where you will be reselling web sites, web traffic, leads, email marketing, social media marketing and many more services. You can promote this website in MAP for free and get more sales. So two way of earnings guaranteed. This is the best business for new people and experienced people as well as here every one makes money 100 % Period.

Signup now and start earning money from next 20 mins and after that every 20 mins, 72 times daily, 24 X 7 round the year.

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