Are you creative and Innovative, then sky is the limit !

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Only those who are creative and Innovative can only get Filthy Rich for whole life and pass on their fortune to coming generations!

If you are not creative and innovative, you will always have to depend on some one else programs to make money or you have to work for someone else for your whole life !

If you are making money from someone else program, then it is also same like working for someone else and making the program owner’s rich. It is true in the case of working for any MLM business or any revenue share programs or any business where you are just a member and not the owner !

You are not sure about the future of your company which you are blindly following.Any time the company can shutdown or close operations in your country. So you have no control on these. Same way how much smart you think you are, you will lose money in Forex trade too and the main reason is that the traders lose more money on their losing trades than they make on their winning trades.

So what I would suggest you is to think about anything innovative and start your own business ! Instead of making millions, change your follower mindset and have a leadership mindset and start creating millionaires.

Am on this path and I will try until I die to have my own successful programs where I make other millionaires. We don’t know when and which idea will get click, so till then hustle hard !

Every one cannot be a Warren Buffet and make billions in stock dealings, he was successful because he reinvested his Profits to start his own other businesses

The world richest men’s like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are filthy rich because of only one reason as they formed their own company and started marketing their own products, not any third party products or programs.

If you are not innovative and creative, then no other option than depending on 3rd party programs like revenue share or MLM or play safe whole life in Forex and Stocks!

Keep thinking ! You will get a spark somewhere and then go behind it till you succeed !



I’m Nishanth Muraleedharan aka "Nishani" and I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission: • To help people to have financial freedom & more free time by doing Internet based Home Business. I've been involved with Internet based business for over 15+ years now. Some of my inspiration comes from Mark Zuckerburg, Sergey and Larry Craig