Good Business is Good Karma !

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I‘m not a religious person by any means, and I do my best to stray away from superstition, however, one thing I do very much believe in is good karma. I believe that if you do good, or remain with good intentions, especially with some element of sacrifice on your part, the world has a way of balancing itself and repaying the favor at some point in the future. This goes the same for bad karma as well.

What I always try to keep in mind as I work with clients, partners or whomever, is that good business is good karma. While it should be common sense and obvious that treating your clients with respect and gratitude can go a long way it can be easy to forget this when things don’t go exactly as planned.

For most, if not all of you, there has been a point in your entrepreneurial life where you’ve had a disagreement or some sort of miscommunication with a client. This is commonly regarding amount of work, quality of work (although hopefully not), and last but not least, the cost of a project. Yes, there are people that will hire you, give you great feedback, and coincidentally decide later to not pay you for your work.

You could:

1) Change the password to the site disabling any future changes until payment is received

2) Shut down the site altogether until payment is received

3) Continue to send the invoice until payment is received

4) Send a collections agency to do the dirty work for you

Well, if you haven’t already forgotten the title of this piece, I choose #3. I simply continue to send the invoice every week via email, and then a hard copy via post mail (remember those things with stamps?). I know lots of people who would go straight to #1 or #2 in a heart beat, but that’s just not me. Regardless of if I have the right or not, it’s just not good business. It’s not the right way to treat any client.

I understand that, but I also understand that any bad and impulsive actions towards a client will somehow find its way back to you. Absorb what you can, make things better for both you and the client if you can, or worst case scenario, move on while leaving reminders to the client that they have an invoice to pay. This is good business. There is nothing they can rebuttal against you or your company and the world owes you a little extra; that is good karma.

Listen, this has nothing to do with me being a pushover (which I’m not) or not being able to run a business. This has to do with how exactly I wish to run my business. Sure, maybe potential “non-paying clients” will read this and think to take advantage, contact me, hire me, and forget about paying me. I’m a bit smarter than that. I happen to be pretty good with reading people. Nonetheless, if I am unable to retain a payment from a client, it becomes a strong motivator to make that money back in some other, good, productive way.

I believe in doing good business. I believe in good karma. I believe nice guys don’t finish last. Treat your clients and customers with nothing but respect and generosity and the world will become that much nicer to you.

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Nishani Online Services ( Brand : DMZ International ) : A Company Built On Good Karma

How Karmic Management Influences Our Business

At Nishani Online Services, we believe in Karmic Management. If you’ve never heard of it, Karmic Management is the title of a book, but also a business philosophy based on the idea that good service leads to good karma. While it may sound more spiritual than business-like, it really is a universal concept that extends through our everyday life, from personal interactions to work ethics.

What goes around, comes around

At the core of our business philosophy is the idea that everyone prefers to deal with honest and ethical people. We recognize their humility and the good things they do for others. In business too, customers and stakeholders prefer to work with companies who are open and stand for something more than just making money. You can see this in your own business. When you provide excellent service and sell high quality products, you are doing good to others and receive good karma in return. This manifests in repeat customers and growing revenues. If you exceed expectations, you will receive good karma multiplied and attract more positive business associations.

Karmic Management is our goal at Nishani Online Services on which we are building up our Brand DMZ International. We build relationships with our customers & businesses that focus on open and honest communication. We strive for great service, a strong purpose, and positive attitude that will attract good fortune and grow our customers’ businesses. We believe it’s the best way to live, and work.



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