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From the day I started promoting UToken in India, I could feel that the major concern of the people here is about what could be the Reserve Bank of India’s take on UToken which is a digital currency. Well, here’s some good news to all of you !

Raghuram Rajan, governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), said digital currencies such as bitcoin would be helpful in the transition towards a cashless society, as they become better and safer in the future. In an interview with NDTV, Rajan said the digital currency is “fascinating”, despite apparent drawbacks. “I think we are still watching the evolution of these kinds of currencies,” he said. “One of the problems that we envisage with bitcoin is security issues. You’ve seen that it is not as secure as people thought they were and there have been stolen bitcoins and so on. But the second issue is the fluctuation in value. For money you require a stable store of value. Something that fluctuates so much is less effective for use as money.”

Well, I would like to provide an explanation on these 2 issues Mr. Rajan have mentioned about digital currencies such as BitCoin – Security and Value Fluctuation.

1. Security – Bitcoins ownership is stored in e-wallets that are located in the user’s own PC’s laptops and gadgets. If these gadgets get corrupted or If somebody take hold of these, they are considered gone. There is no insurance with bitcoin. But when it comes to UTokens, they are stored in a central secured server with many back-up servers. It is hack-proof as it is protected by multi-levels of password encryptions. UToken is operated by UFun Club, which is a part of UFun Group of Companies, a giant corporation, that is involved in investments, gold, property, marble mining, internet TV ( and online shopping ( UToken is regulated in compliance with the BASEL guidelines, and it has 22% monetary reserve for every UToken unit issued, and UToken is 100% insured by Grade A Insurance. 3 financial institutions handle the UToken reserve trustee account: BDG bank, NICO Financial and UDBP Bank. Initial deposit for UToken Reserve account was 10,000,000 USD and this account has grown over time.

2. Value Fluctuation – Value of BitCoin can be easily manipulated by the public as it is easily accessed by them straight from cash. And also because of zero regulation, anyone owning BitCoins could dump them any time which can lead to decrease in its value. But UToken is hard to manipulate, mainly because it is not obtainable through cash but through UPoint, and you will have to buy a UFun package first to be able to have UPoint. 1 UPoint is equivalent to 1 USD. And unlike digital currencies like BitCoin, value of UToken can never drop. Yes, you read it right. The value of UToken will only go up. This is because of the unique business model UFun has for UTokens. There is a rule that investors are allowed to sell only “Tradable UTokens” or “profit”. Your investment capital will be locked in your investment, unless you decide to sell (Transfer) to other users in your business line, meaning that you want to exchange your investment port with other members. And in addition UFun makes sure that there will always be more demand than supply in the market for UTokens.

Now, back to the news. Rajan noted that the technology used in digital currencies is promising, and they will become safer and better in future. “Some of them are useful, some of them are worrisome and we have to see how we take on such technologies,” he said. I’m pretty much sure that once he hear about UToken, which will happen very soon, and its working, he’ll realize that there already exists such a digital currency in the market which is the safest and the best.

“I have no doubt that down the line we will be moving towards primarily a cashless society and we will have some kinds of currencies like this which will be at work. Over time they will be a form of transaction, that’s for sure,” he added.

He concluded saying that central banks across the globe could one day embrace a digital currency system. Yes, there we go. That’s exactly what UFun is working for, to make UToken recognized as an international digital currency that pledge its real values by collateral gold to World Bank and to make it the world’s most trusted digital currency. By having a strong commitment to grow the company to be a public listed company, UFun has set itself by growing its international brand of digital currency over time and to share the wealth and growth among all UToken account holders.

You may read the news report here

So I conclude by saying to all the Non-UToken Account Holders that buy UTokens and let’s together experience this unbelievable growth over time.

And to all those who have joined me in this movement towards an era of digital currencies, let’s make more money!




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