True leaders don’t create followers. they create more leaders !

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I can see many wannapreneurs following so called Leaders in each and every program they join. You need to realise one thing before getting addicted to SOS ( Shiny Object Syndrome). These leaders are making lot of money with you following them to all the program they join. How many of you are making real money from any of these by blindly following them in each and every program they promote? They will flaunt their massive earnings in front of you and make you understand that they can make you also to earn same amount of money if you follow them.But what you don’t understand is they have a huge unwise followers like you in their email list who jumps from one program to another thinking that they can make real money in the other program as current one is not making anything though the Leader suggested same for this too.
The Leaders are making money by using people like you showing new new shiny objects daily ! Real Entrepreneurs will not join more than 2-3 programs and will not leave that until anything bad happens to the program and also they will not advise you to join all his programs. They will analyse your potential and then will suggest you the best program for you ! You need to stick to that program to reach a level of success and from the extra money made from that program you should go for another if you want multiple stream of income.

So stick with what you already got and focus on building it to a level where you make make a living out of it.

I know many leaders will not agree to me but those of who know me, i wan’t to tell that i don’t give a damn… Many so called leaders are just in it for themselves. They pretend they are helping you but in real they are great sales people who are just looking after number one “themselves”in each of their program instead of helping you.

Food for thought ! Have a great weekend ! I’m off to hustle again…



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