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why I won’t recommend “Traffic Authority”

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I know this will not be a popular opinion and some leaders may hate me for giving my opinion on this… The owners of “Traffic Authority” all the way back when I first got online, they were promoting the Reverse Funnel System… That system is obviously no longer around… Then...

Be your own Boss !

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Amateurs join a Business… Professionals Launch a Business !!! No need to wait for payday for business owners, if you have your own Business, below are DreaMerchantZ own Business !!!

How is MAP’s business viable?

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I would like to indicate clearly that the following statement is not one from the MyAdvertisingPays company, but that it represents solely my own personal opinion in how I view MyAdvertisingPays. . MyAdvertisingPays has the same interests as any other company. And that is to generate revenue through product sales....

You never get a second chance to make first impression

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Below are some of the findings from our Traffic reseller Business ! 1.Customers will spend up to 10% more for the sameproduct with better service. 2.When customers receive good service they tell 10-12 people on average. 3.When customers receive poor service they tell upwards of 20 people. 4.There is an 82%...

Why am not interested in Traditional Business?

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THIS IS WHY I WILL NEVER OPEN A TRADITIONAL BUSINESS!!! US Starbucks serve around 400 customers per day, and averages a gross annual profit of $108,000 per store. (This blew my mind how little profit they produce.) Most stores cost around $800,000 to open. (SAY WHAT!!!) CRAZY… So this means...

Start your own Import Business !

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Wanna import items from China and sell it in different Marketplaces in India & US like ebay, Amazon India Flipkart, Snapdeal, .You can mark up the price upto 100% to 500% and make daily profit of INR 5k-10k easily. See some of my recent sales in eBay below. Book a...