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MAP Withdrawal !

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Please find my last week, MAP withdrawal below: MAP is the only program which allows me to withdraw money on all the weekdays and it comes to my account within hours of withdrawal ! Today’s withdrawal came to my account with in an hour ! Join Maps Now !...

MAP Excel sheet for your calculation !

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If you haven’t started MAP, then start now – Click Here Open this link in a private window and see my name ” Nishanth M ” as sponsor. If you have any questions related to MAP then you may contact me : Skype : DreaMerchantZ ; Mobile/Whatsapp:  +91-9945468470 Facebook :...

2015 UFUN is going to storm the world !

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2013, was just an idea……2014 we were just warming up, then 300,000 users and 78 countries…. 2015 UFUN is going to storm the world with greater plans, massive action and expand to 150 countries. Reach greater heights, more investment projects, and more acceptance in eCommerce. UFUN and the Utoken, your ultimate...

Crypto Currency Vs Digital Currency

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A crypto currency is defined as: “a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank” There is no direct comparison of Utokens to any form of crypto currency, it’s apples...

How Bad Do You Want Success?

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Have you ever met anyone who said they DID NOT want to be successful? Have you ever met anyone who said they wanted to completely fail to reach their dreams and goals? Everyone SAYS they want to be successful…so why isn’t everyone successful? We all know the answer – it...

95% failed already!

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How is your New Year coming out so far? Did you know that by January 15, 95% of the people who have made a New Years Resolution have broken it already? Most people don’t even make resolutions because they get disappointed year after year that they don’t follow through. That’s...

7 Wealth Conditioning Processes

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Every day do a different exercise that will RECONDITION you for success. You will be rotating the following weath conditioning processes, one per day. It is best to write out each of the exercise in a notebook, or do them orally, JUST DO THEM. 1.) Clarity of Intention: The #1...