How Can We Share Our Business Success By Giving Back to The Society

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You may think that business is all about profit, business people are unethical and business in general is a black art of guile and greed. Over the years in my experience, I have found this to be mostly untrue.

The story that business people are bad and what they do is morally questionable is false. For every Enron, there are 10,000 good companies. And most companies, like most people, are trying to do the right thing. Now, I can see thousands of new businesses are working to make the world a better place and, most importantly, add real value to our daily lives. Only such Business will sustain in this world any more.

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The old way of thinking about business presupposes the point of business is to make profits. This is akin to believing that breathing is the purpose of life. Yes, you have to breathe to live, just as businesses must make profits. But the purpose of business is usually determined by a passionate entrepreneur chasing a dream to change the world.

Business and ethics go hand in hand. Sometimes we act for selfish reasons and sometimes for other-regarding interests. Incentives are important, but so are values. Most people tell the truth and keep their promises and act responsibly most of the time. And we need to encourage that behavior. When these expectations are not met, it is not just bad ethics, it is also bad business.

Why our Business should give back ?

As a business owner the decision to support a charity or non-profits can be difficult. Not in the sense that choosing to help those in need is difficult. Rather that overcoming the fear that giving back will seriously impact your bottom line. This is not the case. In fact you might be surprised to learn that giving will help your business far more than hurt it.

Perhaps we own a brick and mortar business. As a result we’re likely bombarded with requests to donate money for different events by Political parties or any organizations. These requests can become a hindrance to running your business. As well as a drain on resources. Politely denying these requests is difficult and it may affect our Business as well. Unless we have a policy for giving in-place that we can refer to.

Consumer preferences have changed significantly in recent years. Baby boomers are retiring. Millennials now have the most disposable income. As a result businesses face a new set of expectations.

In a recent market survey it was found that 88% of Americans are interested in buying products from a company leading with a purpose.

Shifting consumer preferences means businesses need to adopt a new paradigm. One in which the business serves a higher purpose than maximizing profits. One way your business can meet consumer expectations is by giving back. This could mean giving to charity, a non-profit or an organization within your community.


Getting involved with charitable organizations you’ll show concern for your community’s well-being. Furthermore you’ll show that you are committed to having a positive social impact. While in contrast your competitors may be focused on maximizing profits.

Associating your company with great causes will help consumers see your brand in a more positive light. Consumers want to know about your charitable giving. It makes them feel better about doing business with you. It’s something they will tell their family and friends about.

I can give you an example. I have tried many Businesses from 2002 onwards, but all Online Businesses. As a beginner, my aim was only to make profit. There was not much commitment to what am doing as my aim was to make as much money as possible and become rich and enjoy the luxuries in the life. That is how we Internet marketers used to project us as well and make beginners to join under us for the businesses which we promote. We used to charge also for One to One meetings with those who are interested in our Business model. Later, I noticed that something is wrong somewhere. The Businesses we promoted online are usually will be in boom for first 2-3 years and later all of them will either be a scam or after maximizing the profit, those Business Owners will be stopping the business one fine day and leaving all the members life and money in stake. Later they come up with some other Business and new pay plan. After a series of scam by such Business Owners, they may go under the Govt Radar and end up in jail.

As we promote those online businesses from the beginning, most of the time, we don’t end up in loss as in initial years itself we get good profits. But later, I noticed that, the people who believed on our words and joined the business seeing our success and lifestyle sometimes land up in deep trouble. They may be not having any ready cash and will be arranging the money to invest in such business from loans and other methods to invest in such businesses.  By the time when they expect to get earnings, many of those online businesses may be either closed or the Business Owners should have stopped paying members like earlier. So, I felt bad that others who believed in us and invested in the business because of our guarantee are suffering. One fine day, I stopped all such unreliable form of Internet Businesses and decided that, I will not promote any other people’s business than my own Business.

Now also such businesses are in market and millions of people are fooled daily. Most of such businesses are happening in the field of Cryptocurrency currently. The main leaders who promote such businesses will never encounter any loss. They either will have direct tie up with Business Owners or will have no investment in such business and Business Owners will be paying handsome money to them to advertise such scams among their followers. If you have tried anytime in your life to try to make some money online, you should have come across this situation and should have faced loss as well.

So, now am having only those Online Businesses which I own and manage. No dependency on any exterior factors which decide my success or failure. What we do, we reap that. Also, if any need any help to deal with there financial problems by doing any part time or full time jobs online, guide them for free and show the direct path. As we age, we learn many things. Only money is not everything. Peace of mind also plays a big role in our life than money.

Now, even I don’t do partnership Business as well. Because, until and unless we have some true partners who are real friends and unless we don’t know each other very well for a long time, it will be very difficult to gel together and do successful Business together. Because of that reason after some partnership Business failures, I even closed my Pvt Ltd company & LLP Businesses and opened a Sole Proprietorship Business. So now am only responsible for all my actions.  We can’t blame anyone else for our failures.

Also, now as we get more old, we will not be much keen to increase profit by any means, but will try to give back to the society in all possible ways as much as possible. Profit is also important. If profit is there, then only we can give back something to our society. If we see the current trend, we can see the World’s super-rich are seeking even professional help to give it back to the society.

As the coronavirus pandemic has reached nearly every corner of the world, some of the planet’s wealthiest are helping the global effort to combat the COVID-19 outbreak and do what they can for the economy. Some tech tycoons, like Bill Gates, are donating millions of dollars to aid vaccine and disease research. Jack Dorsey, has pledged up to $1 billion to coronavirus relief and other causes.

So, we also, through our current Business initiatives, with our limited resources also, we are working on helping & promoting India’s little known weavers and artisans across the globe by promoting their unique Handmade Traditions during this pandemic era. From stone sculptures and jewel-encrusted fabrics to elegantly sewn embroideries and dexterously crafted metal curios, each one of these handcrafted pieces is deeply rooted to the region they originate from and are windows to its culture and geography which is little know to the world. We are bringing all these crafts in front of the world using the power of Internet by partnering with Amazon India and through other Amazon marketplaces across the world.

In a country that is as diverse and multifaceted as India, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you come across villages and hamlets, where generations of one family have dedicated themselves to mastering a craft, and have enticed people from across the world for the sheer brilliance of their handiwork. we feel happy when these crafts are getting applauds from various part of the world which were little known to the outer world till now.

As of now our only aim is to work closely with artisans to promote lesser-known handicrafts in India to the world. Be it the unmistakably soft pashmina shawls from Kashmir or the satin-like silk from Mysore, Karnataka or the impeccable carvings from Odisha and Dokra metal art from Chhattisgarh all these handmade products use indigenous materials and traditional techniques.

Despite having a rich legacy, indigenously produced crafts don’t gather as much popularity as they deserve, often due to lack of awareness amongst consumers and limited access to a wide audience.

“DMZ International” is doing an effort that aims to celebrate the diversities in culture and traditions in India by promoting the Indian handicraft industry and providing a platform for artisans who face a slew of challenges such as poor market access and lack of resources to sustain their craft. We works with artisans on a range of unique handcrafted items ranging from toys and décor items to sarees and other handloom crafts. “By working closely with local artisans, we understood the importance of a marketplace like in creating a viable business for lesser-known local handicrafts.”

“The growth in sales we received in a week on the Amazon marketplace is a testament to the fact that online selling has helped create a cohesive ecosystem to promote the growth of local ‘Made in India’ arts and crafts”. we are currently in the process of adding Metal Crafts, wood crafts and paintings which are recognized by Geographical Indications of India to our portfolio.

India is home to an estimated 6.8 million artisans. The production of handmade products could very well be the second largest source of employment in rural India after agriculture. Yet, for a country with beautiful handmade products, tremendous diversity and a rich craft tradition, India’s share of the global market for crafts is less than 2%. Between the second handloom census in 1995 and the third one in 2009-10, the number of handloom weavers and ancillary workers decreased by 2.2 million. This is a fight similar to what is visible in agriculture. Why should poor artisans and weavers bear the brunt of upholding our rich craft tradition if it cannot provide them with a life of dignity and comfort? Let us not forget that this was rooted in our caste system as well, with its many accompanying transgressions. Over time, all of this has changed. Can this sector be resurrected with the help of Online Marketing and making use of E-commerce giants like Amazon is what we are trying to achieve.

Operating a socially responsible business will set us apart from our competition. Helping to support organizations in our community will earn our consumer trust and loyalty and this will give more work & better life to rural hardworking artisans and weavers. When our business supports our community, our community supports our business. Establishing a process for giving back isn’t a short-term strategy. It’s not going to increase business and boost profits overnight. Implementing a mindful and systematic approach to giving will over time reap rewards greater than any short-term strategy and also will indeed help us to give back to our artisans & project india’s little known age old crafts.



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